Why do we use secure portals rather than email?

  • A secured portal is encrypted at all points of transit making it much more difficult for someone to intercept data.

  • A secured portal meets most major compliance regulations such as HIPPA, FINRA, and SEC.

  • Portals have much larger file size restrictions than email making it possible to send an y type of file securely to our clients.

  • It is much easier to get files to our clients using a portal.

We use this modern technology to collect, prepare and share all firms' and clients' files. All our clients appreciate the extra speed and security. You never worry about security of your files or webmail again – it’s network file sharing made easy.


SmartVault delivers all the benefits of a encrypted cloud drive, but with best-in-class security and productivity features we need to run our business. Get a secure online document storage system for all your files.


Intuit Link is a secure online portal that helps us get the tax information we need convenient way. Simply answer yes or no to our questions, inserting any additional comments along the way, and securely upload your tax documents.

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